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An old antique International Harvester Farmall M tractor in Redstone, Montana. → Buy a Print

I have always enjoyed making black and white photos. Truth be told, I enjoy it a bit more than making color photos for some reason. The problem with black and white photos, however, is that magazines, companies, and ad agencies do not like them. Color photos sell. Black and white photos…not so much.

But then I remind myself not to stray to far from the reasons why I enjoy photography so much. And the need to still engage in personal projects in order to keep me sharp when shooting jobs that pay. That’s why in 2016 you will see many more black & white photos from yours truly. Here’s one of an old antique tractor parked against the side of an metal shed in Redstone, Montana. Hope you enjoy this and the many more black and white photos I make in the year(s) ahead.

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