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All of my photo galleries have been organized in one place and many more photo galleries will be added in the future.

One of the things many visitors to my website have requested is easier navigation of all the photos. As such I spent much of the holidays better organizing all of the photos on my website so people can view them easier. As such, today I am launching my new Photo Galleries section.

If you wish to view any of my previous 20+ photos features from the past or other collection of photograph, all you need to do is click on the words Photo Galleries on the menu and you will have instant access to them. What’s more, you can sort them alphabetically, by what’s popular, or what’s newest. Also, when I go on assignment for a client they too will have access to folders of files here on my website.

Also, if you view my photos you will see every photo (almost) has a hyperlink, which makes it easier for you to purchase a print if you wish. Almost 1000 photos have been uploaded to my Gift Shop. And of course, all of my photos, whether they be agriculture photos, cowboy photos, cowgirl, photos, or Montana travel photos (well, almost all) are available to license for your special project.

Starting this spring it will never be easier for you to view photos and video (yes, video too) at TODDKLASSY.COM.

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