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The Wisconsin State Capitol just after its lights came on in Madison, Wisconsin. → Buy a Print

I’m hoping my Montana peeps will forgive me for straying off topic a bit with this week’s edition of 20+ photos. I spent the weekend starting adding photos of Madison, Wisconsin to my website for those clients I still service back in my home state of Wisconsin and thought it would make sense to feature them on my blog like this. What’s more, it this gallery is decidedly more than 20 photos. It includes something more like 84 photos…my largest gallery to date.

You see, I still have many customers who purchase my Madison, Wisconsin photos for commercial art, corporate art, and government art. Hospitals, hotels, and office buildings buy prints and canvas gallery wraps from me, even though my focus is now making Montana photos and farm & ranch photos. So I know I will have some readers who won’t necessarily find these interesting, but I still need a way for those clients back home to view my portfolio of Madison, Wisconsin images. Also, when I go home, I’m always making new photos of Madison, Wisconsin since they sell so well.

It will, however, give my friends in Montana a chance to see the place where I began making photos. I traded photos of high rises and urban landscapes for cowgirls and farmland. And though many of you have probably never been to Madison, Wisconsin, it really is a nice city, especially if you remove all of the politics from it.

So here without further ado is my newest gallery of 20+ photos–photos of Madison, Wisconsin. To see more in my 20+ photos series of images, click here.

Great Northern Caboose
Forgotten Farm

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