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Dust kicked up by trucks and farm equipment traveling down the gravel roads shroud tiny Straw, Montana in dust. → Buy a Print

Located in central Montana and anchored by the city of Lewistown, Fergus County is a beautiful agricultural center for the state rimmed by beautiful mountains and rugged river valley breaks. I have the fortune to travel through Fergus County on a regular basis and it is always find something beautiful to photograph.

Lewistown, the county seat, is a photo essay all by itself, which I will share later. So in this installment of my regular 20+ photos feature, I am including just the rural parts. The beautiful barns and grain elevators, expansive wheat fields, unincorporated towns, and those other striking sites that dot the rural Fergus County landscape. These Montana photos of Fergus County are just a small sampling of my collection, and of course I continue to photograph there on a regular basis.

Enjoy these photos of rural Fergus County. I know I enjoyed making them.

Photos of Harvest 2015 Aplenty
A Few Photos from The Fair

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