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A herd of black Angus cattle huddle together in a pasture of grass early in the morning near Grass Range, Montana. → License Photo

Montana is the 4th largest state but only seven states have fewer people. Though it doesn’t rank high population, it does rank high in other categories, and cattle are chief among them. In fact Montana has 2.5 cows for every citizen.

If you spend any time at all in rural Montana you will quickly realize how important the beef industry is to the state. Cattle is everywhere. And the most popular breed of cattle in Montana is black Angus. Where Hereford cattle once dominated the Montana landscape, black Angus are now seen, primarily because they easily survive Montana’s winters, which are typically harsh, and because they make good mothers.

As I document Montana’s rural life with my agricultural photography and photos of cowboys I am obviously often photographing the animals that feed Montana’s economic engine and keep so many people employed.

In this my latest edition of 20+ photos I have included 20+ photos of black Angus cattle, including photos of cows, calves, and steers.

20+ Photos of Round Bales
Published in Canadian Magazine

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