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A colorful bed of red, orange, and yellow autumn leaves moistened by the morning dew. → Buy a Print

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Cool nights that produce veils of morning fog. Colorful leaves filling the canopies of trees. And wildlife on the move. Everything combines to become what is the perfect season all by itself, but even better for those of us who are photographers.

In this edition of 20+ photos I am featuring 20 (or more) photos of (you guessed it) autumn…including some never-before-seen shots from my collection. They include photos of autumn in Montana and also a few photos of the fall season from other places across the country. But the one thing they almost all include is plenty of rural scenery and scenes. And lots of leaves.

So if you enjoy autumn as much as I do, take a peep at these photos. And as the 2015 fall season progresses in Montana and elsewhere across the west you can be sure I will be busy making more autumn photos. But until my new batch of fall photos are made I hope these 20 photos of autumn will hold you over until then. Thanks for stopping by.

Helicopter Work on Hi-Line
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