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A farmer walks from his tractor and sprayer parked in a field near Simpson, Montana. → License Photo

There’s always work to do on a farm. Things need planting, spraying, feeding, cutting, fixing, painting, moving, cleaning, and maintaining. While some times of the year are more exciting than others, there’s always something going on.

Recently I traveled north of Havre, Montana near the Canadian border to visit with some wheat farmers and make some photos of some of the activities on their farm following what was surely a busy harvest (August) and winter wheat planting (September) planting season. While October is not necessarily the most exciting month on the farm, there was still plenty to see and do and I hoped to make some photos of farming for myself, maybe a future client, and for the farmers themselves.

Here are some of those agriculture photos I made on their farm north of Havre near a place once called Simpson, Montana. Most of them featured them spraying. Some of them included shots of them picking up rocks in their fields. And others are just some candid photos of farming life in October on a Golden Triangle wheat field. I hope you enjoy these photos of some very hard working farmers on the extreme northern Montana plains.

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