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One of my cowgirl photos appears here on the cover of the Winter 2015/2016 issue of Range Magazine, which hits the newsstands November 10th.


One of my cowgirl photos will appear on the cover of Range Magazine in the next few weeks. It is my second cover shot on the magazine this year, which isn’t bad considering they only publish four issue.

The cowgirl photo that appears on the Winter 2015/2016 cover, which also includes a brief write-up up on the inside, is that of Dani Jones, of Havre, Montana. It was taking this past spring on the Hofeldt Ranch near Lloyd, Montana as Dani was helping the Hofeldts brand cattle. I remember making this photo of Dani very well. I saw her working with the rope and reins on her horse while roping cattle and suddenly she needed to improvise and placed the reins briefly in her mouth. Lucky for me I managed to get a shot off before she shifted the reins to her other hand.

When asked what it is like to be a real working cowgirl Jones said, “We work just as hard as the guys and get just as much done as they do. And yet somehow we still manage to have dinner waiting for them at the end of the day.”

You can find copies of Range Magazine on newsstands across Montana and the western U.S. everywhere.  To subscribe to Range Magazine go to or call 800-RANGE-4-U. The issue with my photo of Dani on the cover will be available November 10.

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