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The bride and groom pose for a photograph in front of the groomsmen on horseback, who have the date of the wedding ‘branded’ on their horses near Chinook, Montana.

As a commercial photographer I don’t often photograph weddings. Weddings are arguably one of the most difficult things to photograph in the world of photography. Even harder to do it well. It takes a lot of practice, a lot of patience, and a lot of time invested in both making and editing the photos. And although wedding photography can also be tedious, I’m happy to photograph a friend’s wedding when they come calling. Especially when it is a cowboy/cowgirl wedding.

Recently I was hired to photograph a rural cowboy wedding near Chinook, Montana. It was a wet and cloudy day, which seemed dampen the spirits of some, but I reminded them that rain is good luck when you get married (wish it had rained on my wedding day) and clouds are actually preferable if you are a photographer than cloudless, sunny skies.

I took a couple thousand photographs, which were whittled down to about 100 or so, and they were edited into color images. However, I took the liberty to also convert them to black and white. And here is a sampling; 20+ photos of a cowboy wedding in Montana.

Congratulations Holly and Kole.

20+ Photos of Katie
Cover of Range Magazine

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