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Katie perhced on top of a hale bale on the family ranch near Fort Belknap, Montana. → License Photo

Montana is cowboy country. It is also cowgirl country. And one of the cowgirls I have know is Katie, a college student who also competed on the MSU-Northern rodeo team. Recently we both decided to spend a couple of hours making some cowgirl photos on her family ranch near Fort Belknap, Montana.

A member of the Assiniboine (née Nakota) tribe at Fort Belknap, Katie is studying business administration with an applied agriculture minor. A talented barrel racer, Katie more importantly is an intelligent, hard working, kind young woman. And she’s also a big help when wanting to make photos of cowgirls.

So this week I am featuring 20 photos of the cowgirl Katie. To see more of the photos in my series called 20+ Photos click on this link here:

Using Canted Angles
Gallery Photos: Cowboy Wedding

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