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Two pronghorn antelope does and a buck pose in the middle of a field on the plains near Rudyard, Montana. → Buy a Print

For those not from Montana it might be hard to understand exactly how much wildlife really exists in the state. While working as a wildlife photographer is not my primary niche, I do photograph wildlife when it presents itself. Such was the case this past Saturday.

A wild desert cottontail rabbit that followed me around the streets of Rudyard, Montana. → Buy a Print

My goal on Saturday was to make photos of farmers as they seeded wheat near Rudyard, Montana. In doing so I came across several herds of pronghorn antelope, flocks of Canadian geese flying south, small groups of white-tailed deer, dozens of ground squirrels, two rabbits, a covey of Hungarian partridges, and one coyote. And that was while driving down the rural roads of Montana. Had I actually been trying to find wildlife I am sure I would have encountered even more.

Wildlife in Montana is everywhere. And chances to engage in wildlife photography in Montana is also equally ubiquitous. Here are just a few photos I took on Saturday. Neither are particularly popular animals in Montana, but I enjoy seeing them and photographing them nonetheless. Hopefully you enjoy my wildlife photos just as much.

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