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Photograph of a kicker attempting a field goal at MSU-Northern collegiate football game in Havre, Montana.

High school mascots, for the most part, can be rather boring. And some are more boring than others. But if you keep your ears and eyes peeled occasionally discover some rather unique mascot names.

The most interesting high school mascots I learned of outside of Montana were the Monroe (Wisconsin) Cheesemakers and the Freeport (Illinois) Pretzels.

Imagine watching the news to see watch highlights from the “fighting Pretzels.” What’s more, both schools are separated by only 23 miles. Some argue that both schools should play a football game every year called the Snack Bowl. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, that has yet to take place.

Montana has some rather unique high school mascot names of its own, too. And here, without further ado, is my list of my favorite high school mascot names in the state of Montana:


  • Anaconda Copperheads (was hoping they would be the Anaconda Anacondas)
  • Belfry Bats
  • Chinook Sugarbeeters
  • Forsyth Dogies
  • Harlowton Engineers (because protractors and compasses are dangerous)
  • Laurel Locomotives
  • Nashua Porcupines
  • Powell County Wardens
  • Sunburst Refiners
  • Sweet Grass Sheepherders

Did I miss any good ones?

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