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A lone, leafless tree stands tall in an otherwise featureless field. → Buy a Print

Trees a favorite subject of mine when I want to make photos of Montana. And this large, beautiful state gives Montana photographers ample opportunity to photograph trees.

Montana also affords a person a whole new appreciation for trees. From the forests of Ponderosa pines in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, to the beautiful Ross Creek cedars south of Troy, to the sturdy cottonwoods lining the banks of the mighty Missouri River, Montana has many different kinds of trees. And yet because I spend much of my time on the plains of eastern Montana, trees at times are a rare sight. When you spot one; a lone, solitary tree punctuating an otherwise stark prairie landscape, it almost always makes a wonderful photograph.

This week here I will feature 20 photos of trees. Oak, maple, elm, pine, and cottonwood trees all grace my nature photographs…some from Montana, some from Wyoming, and some from elsewhere. All of them are unique in their own way.

To see more of my Montana photographs and examples of past installments of my 20+ photos feature, click on this link for more:

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