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The leading edge of the herd heads toward the corral on a ranch near Cleveland, Montana. → Buy a Print

With apologies to all other Montana counties, I really like Blaine County. Tucked away in north central Montana, Blaine County is flanked by Canada to the north, the Missouri River on the south, the Bear Paw Mountains to the east, and Fort Belknap Indian Reservation on the east. Larger than Rhode Island, Delaware, and Chicago combined, Blaine County has barely 6,500 residents, but 17-times more cows. Those other places? They have a population of 5 million people…and virtually no cows.

Given it is now the start of branding season there I thought I would pay homage to Blaine County in my latest installment of 20+ photos. I hope you also see Blaine County a very beautiful place.

To see even more photographs of Blaine County please check out my larger gallery of images here:

Photo Used by BMW Spain
2015 Western Horseman Calendar

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