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A line of evergreen trees in the Lewis & Clark National Forest south of Neihart, Montana.

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0 thoughts on “Sticking It to Montana Photographers”

  1. Chuck Fitzgerald

    I support you in this Todd. I am an amateur and wish to remain so. When I first started I had the ( I could make money at this syndrome). It did not take long to realize just how difficult this is. The business side, to me is not worth the headache. My skill still has far to go, even though I do have a few acorns stashed away.
    Perhaps the Montana Office of Tourism, would be open to this idea. For every three tourists to come into Montana, the fourth pays no 4% tax. How about MercuryCSC, only gets paid for three add campaigns and the forth is free. After all this is only one fourth as much as what they would like photographers to do for them. I am sure they could make it just fine with a 25% decrease in funds.
    Good luck to you on this, the backward thinking needs to end. I value my work as a way to relax and enjoy the beauty around us, it is good for my soul when I find that acorn. I also value the work of professionals who put in the time, effort and expense to make wonderful images for the rest of us to enjoy.
    Give these freeloaders a hard slap on the back and encourage them to "cough it up"

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