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Cowgirls leading their horses off to the barn…just one of the scenes you will be able to photograph and edit while attending one of my workshops.  → Buy This Print

For the first time ever I am in the planning stages of offering photography workshops. Many photographers have done this for years, but I have hesitated for a variety of reasons. For starters, I doubted I had settings appropriate for a workshop where photographers could truly be immersed in the experience and see it also as an adventure and not just a workshop. That has since changed.

What’s more, I will also offer instruction on Photoshop during the workshops. Most workshop concentrate only on the aspect of photography. I plan to offer an intensive six-day workshop that will cover all aspects of making the photograph, including post-production, which is many ways can be just as important as what a photographer does in the field.

Workshops won’t begin until late 2014 and/or 2015, but that’s so I can make sure they exceed expectations of every participant. Workshops and adventures will include the following subjects and locations:

Stay in the heart of Montana’s Indian country and photograph native American Indian life. You will visit a real life powwow, attend private photo shoots with native American Indians dressed in ceremonial regalia, tepees, horses, wild buffalo, and beautiful native American landscapes. You be immersed in native American culture during the six-day workshop as you eat native American foods, hear stories from members of various tribes, and stay in tepees on Montana’s plains. The tentative dates for this workshop are 9/11/2014 to 9/16/2014.

This will adventure will have you traveling to a variety of locations across Montana’s plains, otherwise known as America’s Serengeti. You photograph herds of elk in rut, big horn sheep, pronghorn antelope, American buffalo, prairie dogs, and maybe, if we are lucky, the rarest of all norther American mammals, the black footed ferret. You will stay in the heart of the continental United States’ last frontier, far away from city lights, which will also offer you an opportunity to photograph the evening sky and the Milky Way. While open to everyone, Canon shooters will have the added benefit of being able to play with super telephoto lenses during this workshop.  Tentative dates for this workshop are 9/18/2014 to 9/23/2014.

Spend six days photographing cowboys on gritty, real working ranches (not Hollywood-style guest ranches) in northern Montana. Guests will stay in bunkhouses and be fed amazing, genuine Montana cuisine. There are two workshops planned for 5/14/2015 to 5/19/2015 and 5/28/2015 to 6/2/2015.

Stay in the heart of Yellowstone National Park at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch where you will be surrounded by American buffalo, wolves, elk, and other wildlife during one of the more active times of year for photographing wildlife. In addition to photographing wildlife we will visit many of Yellowstone’s other sites, including geysers, hot springs, waterfalls, and majestic landscapes. While open to everyone, Canon shooters will have the added benefit of being able to play with super telephoto lenses during this workshop. The tentatively planned dates for this workshop are 8/6/2015 to 8/11/2015.

More details on these workshops and final plans will be coming in the days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned.

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