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A solitary grain elevator shrouded in sheet metal against a steel blue sky in Gildford, Montana. → Buy a Print

Tall, soaring grain elevators are to Montana what red barns are to the Midwest. They dot the landscape everywhere. Just about ever small town has at least one old grain elevator…if it hasn’t already been demolished or torn down. And like the red barns that dot the plush, green fields of the Midwest, the hands of time have not been good to the great grain elevators of the Great Plains.

I have enjoyed driving around the state taking photograph of grain elevators. Everyone of them has a story to tell. Sadly, for the most part, I don’t know what that story is. Someone once called them the “sentinels of the plains.” It’s a fitting name, I suppose. They stand watch over the plains and time passes them by. Hopefully someone will figure out they have value to Montana and will work to save some of them before they are all gone.

Below are my Montana photos of grain elevators. I hope you enjoy seeing them. Trust me, in the months ahead, I will share even more with you.

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