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A time lapse photo of wind turbines in a field near Ethridge, Montana. → Buy a Print or License Photo

I’ve always been fascinated with wind turbines. And when you are out making photos of Montana it is awfully hard to avoid them. Montana has a lot of wind farms because, well, we have a lot of wind. Montana’s total capacity of commercial wind turbines was about 650 megawatts last year. That’s enough energy to power 221,000 homes, or roughly half of the total number of households in the state of Montana. With only 7 percent of the electricity used in Montana coming from wind, it is clear that wind energy is one of Montana’s most valuable exports to its neighboring states.

If you have never visited a wind farm, it is truly awe inspiring. These tall structures…much taller than you would expect…surround you as their massive blades woosh in the wind. On Montana’s otherwise flat unassuming landscapes you can see wind turbines for many miles. From a distance they look like pinwheels. But up close they are much more imposing. And technologically impressive.

Over the past few years I have made many photos of wind turbines and wind farms. They compliment my portfolio of electrical industry photos and industrial photos nicely. In this my newest installment of 20+ photos I am featuring just some of those wind turbine photos. Take a moment to see them by clicking on the thumbnails below. As new ones are made they too will be added to my gallery of wind turbine photos. Oh, and be sure to check out all of my photo galleries by clicking on this link below:


Three Side
Missouri River Ice

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