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An old, broken down shack on Montana’s prairie outside of the small town of Winifred. Within a week of me making this photo this beautiful old building was gone. → Buy a Print or License Photo

It doesn’t feel like I have been making photos very long. But the calendar and my bulging hard drives are starting to say otherwise.

I bought my first real camera in June 2005. Since then I have made a lot of photos. Most of the photos are merely shots of things I find interesting and catch eye. Old, withering things (i.e. buildings, cars, trees, etc.) have always been a favorite subject of mine. I’m not sure why. Maybe it is because it is easy to see that they will not be around much longer. A melancholy thought to be sure, but more often than not many of them prove me right. And each time I learn that one of my favorite local landmarks or secret haunts is gone I am a saddened a little because I know that history and the stories contained within the walls of each one is gone forever.

Recently I thought I should go back and look at my photos to see which ones contain items that are gone, never to be seen again. This is a small collection of those photos; a gallery of 20+ photos of things that are gone…as Squints from the movie Sandlot would say, “For-ev-er.”

As I continue to make new photos of Montana, I am sure I will keep making photos of old, aging items. Why? Because maybe I may be the last person to photograph those things. And maybe those photographs will be one of the last remaining traces of those landmarks.

And maybe that is my legacy.

Photos of the Ruby Valley
Note from Senator Steve Daines

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