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A silhouette of a John Deere tractor seeding wheat on a farm near Chinook, Montana. → License Photo

August in Montana is harvest time. Growers and farmers all over the state are knee deep in work as they cut wheat and send the sweat of their labor off to the market. Some start cutting in July and some will cut well into September, but when it’s all done all deserve a break. Unfortunately, there’s always more work to do  on the farm. As soon as the harvest is in it’s time to plant winter wheat. And the process begins all over again.

I spent several days this late summer and early autumn photographing farmers and growers on Montana’s Hi-Line as they headed back into the fields to seed wheat. While some may not consider it as glamorous an activity as harvest, it is nonetheless inspiring. Tractors of all sizes, shapes, and colors fill the fields followed by a tell-tale plume of dust.

My making agricultural photos of seeding wheat must certainly confuse some of the farmers as I race back and forth along the edge of fields in my truck as I try to capture them and their equipment in the best possible angle and light.

Montana farm photos always include photos of wheat farming. And photos of wheat farming must certainly include photos of wheat seeding. In what has become a regular feature on my blog, here are 20+ photos of seeding wheat.

EDIT:  After publishing this I published ANOTHER batch of 20+ more photos of seeding wheat. Be sure to check out those photos here:

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20+ Photos of Seeding Wheat

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