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Hill County, Montana is the heart of the Hi-Line, which is the northern lip of the United States south of the Canadian border along which runs the former Great Northern Railway and U.S. Highway 2. It anchors the northeastern corner of the Golden Triangle, which is a fertile area of north central Montana that produces about 45% of the state’s wheat crop each year.

Thousands of automobiles pass through Hill County every summer on their way from the Midwest to Glacier National Park and back. It is home to the largest county park in the country, it is where the world’s largest farm tractor (Big Bud) was once built, and it includes the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, the Bear Paw Mountains, and the city of Havre, which is the eighth largest city in Montana.

I have lived and worked in Hill County for more than seven years where I have made many of my photos of Montana and agriculture photography. It is a remarkable place where the residents are humble to a fault. It’s not uncommon for a resident of Hill County to apologize to you for some perceived shortcoming Hill County has, unaware of the fact that whatever it is they are apologizing for is actually a benefit and not something to be ashamed of. Unlike other parts of the country, entire towns here attend high school football games, the trappings of social media have yet to overcome the place, and Montana’s rich history can still be seen all around.

I am happy to have considered Hill County home. It is a beautiful place and I have enjoyed making the bulk of my Montana photography there. In this my latest edition of 20+ photos I am including photos of Hill County, Montana. It is also an addition to my collection of photos of Montana counties I am continuing to build. Please take a moment to see all this county has to offer. If you ever plan a trip through Hill County at some time in the future hopefully they will give you cause to stay.

Cowboy and Cow Dogs
Editing an Old Favorite Again

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