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Firemen attempt to douse the flames that engulfed a house in Dayton, Wisconsin. → License Photo

Firemen are a special breed. As they cliche goes, firemen rush into a burning building while everyone else is rushing out. Woefully under paid in most instances if they are professional fire fighters…and typically not paid at all if they are volunteer fire fighters, firemen work hard in very extreme situations and put their lives on the line to save people they have never even met before.

Over the years I have made photos of firemen as they battled fires. When I saw smoke on the horizon while out making photos, I would always stop to take photos and then would sell them to the local newspapers if I was first on scene. Though I am not a professional photojournalist and often did not have a press credentials, it didn’t take much to flash a credit card from my wallet and tell them I was with the large daily newspaper in the state when in fact I was not. The things some photographers do to “get the shot.”

In this my latest installment of 20+ photos I am including photos of firemen, photos of house fires, and photos of fire fighting equipment. They are photos of fighting fire.

Video of My First Branding
Ranchers Race

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