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Streams of clouds race overhead near Baker, Montana. → Buy a Print or License Photo

Fallon County, located in the extreme southeastern corner of Montana, features unique and varying landscapes that punctuate the otherwise ubiquitous prairie lands of the Great Plains. I had a chance to spend a month there last June to make some photos and I am featuring them here in my latest installment of 20+ photos. This photo gallery is also another addition to my collection of photos of Montana counties.

I very much enjoyed my stay in Fallon County. I stayed in the small town of Plevna, which was a great jumping-off point to traverse the rest of the county. Fallon County is largely an agricultural county, but in recent years it has seen an influx of investment the energy industry as it is on the rim of the Bakken oil field. There is also a sizable wind farm outside of the county seat, which is Baker, Montana.

Also located in Fallon County is a portion of Medicine Rocks State Park, a unique and beautiful landscape located at the extreme southern end of the county. There are also rolling hills and stark, wide open grasslands in between.

Please take a moment to view my photos of Fallon County. While it is well off the beaten path, there are many reasons to visit there. I hope my Montana photos contained herein give you a reason to stop by.

Photos of Montana
Photo on Cover of Ag Pub

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