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An example of no-till seeding of wheat in a field using a Caterpillar tractor south of Rudyard, Montana. → License Photo

In what is a first for my blog, I decided to showcase another 20+ photos of farmers seeding wheat on the Hi-Line in Montana. I spent several days making photos of growers seeding wheat and so I had a lot more photos waiting to be edited so I thought I would reveal 20 more photos.

To the unfamiliar, these photos of Montana farmers show just a little of the hard work they do to put bread on the tables of people all over the world. Making photos of agriculture and the men and women behind the scenes is something I enjoy doing. What they do in rural America is often hidden from view from the rest of the world so it is a pleasure to showcase what they do so others might appreciate what they do. Especially Montana’s farmers.

NOTE: If you missed my first batch of 20+ photos of seeding wheat be sure to visit that page here:

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20+ Photos of Seeding Wheat
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